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Marylander Dwight Patel


Words don’t do Dwight justice, but here is the old college try…

Brilliant, Unique, Creative, Innovating, Trailblazer, Flashy, Intense, Dazzling, Bright, Bold, Aggressive, Courageous, Fearless, Risk Taker, Eager, Legendary, Charismatic

Dwight Patel Logo
web design word abstract in letterpress wood type printing blocks


Check out my 20 + years of web, and print designs. If you go back to the early days of the web you’ll see how far we have come with web design with UI/UX.



Check out my writings on everything from politics, ad campaigns, speeches, and everything in between. I even have some short stories written many moons ago!



Learn about my hobbies and interests, as I have aged my interests and hobbies have changed as well. Old hobbies fade away, and new hobbies enter.

3d rendering top view of devices with landing page responsive on screen on wooden desktop. Some elements furbished by NASA.


Check out how technology has changed over the past 50 years. The year I was born scientific calculators were considered cutting-edge consumer technologies.


Read about the good, the bad, the ugly in web designs I have reviewed a few public websites and some of these sites actually won awards. Remember design is subjective.

Elements of a well designed website are when aesthetics, and functionality intersect.

Dwight Patel Collage of designs